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BYNNIX Pacifiers

The bynnix pacifier is a safe and food grade pacifier that contains baby teeth that soothe and protect your baby. The bynyix pacifiers are made of silicone and are safety grade material that contains no sharp edges or sharp edges. The bynyix pacifiers are transparent and have a flat shape which makes them easy to give and receive.

BYNNIX Baby Pacifier Nipple Safe Food Grade Silicone Baby Te
BYNNIX Baby Pacifier Holder Clip Nipple Clip Colorful Decor
BYNNIX Baby Pacifier Nipple Safe Food Grade Silicone Baby Te

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This is a new, kong kong, kangaroo-hide sheath for a kangaroo bynix pacifier. It is a stretchable chain-safe food grade silicone baby teeth soother. The kangaroo-hide sheath is made of soft, comfortable silicone material and has our company's exclusive kangaroo-hide flavor. The kangaroo-hide sheath is also effective in reducing surface noise and surface staining.
this is a great set of pacifiers by bynnix. They are safe to use with baby, and are made of food grade silicone. The elephant-shaped pacifiers are set on rounds, so they are perfect for soothing a baby's skin. The pacifiers are available in multiple colors, and have teeth-safe water repellent.
this is asilicone dummy pacifier that is used to help keep your baby warm during cold weather. It is also designed to sootheonaí mouth and help with breathability.